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Specialist availability: Radiologist

27th Oct 2017

Dr. Francis G

Senior Radiologist
MIOT International, India

He takes all Doubt out of Diagnosis

Meet the Man behind the Machine

Scanning machines today reveal the internal workings of our body to give clear and detailed information. However the expertise of the man behind the machine (Radiologist) who oversees the entire process makes all the difference

Under the watchful eye of an experienced Radiologist, small abnormalities can get picked up early and doubtful areas can get confirmed or eliminated instantly. It saves patients costly re-dos and uncomfortable experiences. Once the process is over, his quick and accurate interpretation of the information given by the machine can save precious time and lives, especially in emergencies and doubtful cases.

However, experienced, skilled & trained Radiologists are difficult to find!

MIOT Pacific Hospitals is happy to present Dr. Francis. G, Senior Radiologist, MIOT International, Chennai. He brings to Fiji, the rare capacity to combine expertise in scanning & processing techniques on a latest machine with a deep understanding of our body structure & systems. This invaluable support in our diagnosis allows our surgeons & specialists to confidently tale up procedures and emergencies without delay.

With 22 years of experience, Dr. Francis has done over 2, 00,000 CT Scan and more than 5000 CT guided procedures. Widely published in National & International journals, his expertise covers several specialties and includes:

  • Scans on the recently launched revolution 750 High Definition CT
  • CT Coronary Angiography
  • CT Perfusion Studies in Acute Stroke
  • CT Perfusion Studies in Tumour (Cancer) imaging
  • CT Colonoscopy
  • CT Bronchoscopy
  • PET CT Imaging for cancer
  • Dual energy CT in Stone characterization in kidney & Gall Bladder
  • CT guides biopsies
  • CT Guided Therapeutic Radio Frequency Ablation
  • Poly-trauma & Orthopaedics CT imaging

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Dr. Francis G will be available for consultation at MIOT Pacific Hospitals
Time : 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)
For appointments call : (679) 330 3404 / 992 4917
Prior appointment is mandatory