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New medical technology set for Fiji

22nd Apr 2017

MADRAS Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology (MIOT) Pacific Hospitals plans to introduce new state-of-the-art technology to cater for the people of Fiji and the region allowing patients to undergo diagnosis and treatment in an easier and timely manner.

This was shared by MIOT International managing director Prithvi Mohandas at a press conference on Thursday. The hospital sent two of their specialists on a two-week trip to MIOT International in Chennai, India so they could learn about how new technology and medical equipment is handled and maintained.

“Once they have been in touch with the equipment and the staff there and they have come back here, the same equipment will be put here, one or two members from the mother ship will come and work side by side with them, and then we will be able to roll out a service that is easily the best in the world,” Dr Mohandas said.

“We may even have Australians and Kiwis coming here to have their treatment because it will be that quick, that good and everything available in one place.” He also said comparing MIOT Pacific Hospitals to MIOT International, an internationally renowned 1000-bed facility that offered superlative treatment in 63 specialties and world-class professionals, was a great step forward towards health care for Fiji.

Specialist radiologist at MIOT Pacific, Dr Jonetani Kama said he looked forward to the kind of set-up that was to be done in Fiji because it would improve the rate of infection post operatively in the hospital.

“MIOT international has the very best operating theatre, just like the ones we only talk about and read in magazines, how an operating theatre should work , the prevention of infection , movement of staff and the keeping of sterile and unsterile equipment in the operating theatre,” he said.

Team leader pathology at MIOT Pacific Rajeshni Mala said despite there being a lot of patients at MIOT International, the technology, ISO certified labs and latest machines kept everything in order which are things the local hospital could learn from. The machines will be introduced at the local hospital in September this year.
(Source The Fiji Times ONLINE April 22nd 2017)

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