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Specialist Availability - Interventional Cardiologist

13th Oct 2018

Dr-Sridharan-U-web-banners-800x257The human heart is an astonishing creation. It works tirelessly for a lifetime, never taking a break from its duties. But with various lifestyle changes, its functioning takes a hit. Little by the little, the heart is damaged. The amount of damage caused though can be minimized and even stopped if you go for a heart check-up from time to time. Never postpone when it comes to matters related to your heart.So if you’re ready for a heart check-up, there is no better time than now, because we at MIOT Pacific Hospitals have flown in Dr. U. Sridharan from India. He is an expert in the fields of interventional cardiology, paediatric cardiology and electrophysiology, having been trained in some of the most prestigious healthcare institutions in India.

His expertise:

  • Coronary angiography and catheterisation
  • Angioplasty including primary angioplasties and complex procedures like rotablation
  • Balloon mitral valvotomy (BMV / PTMC)
  • Pacemaker implantation
  • Alcohol septal ablation
  • Intracardiac Defibrillator (ICD) and CRT-D implantation
  • Complex congenital heart diseases (including paediatric and adult cases) and its management
  • Device closure of ASD, PDA, VSD (congenital heart disease)
  • Electrophysiology (Ablation of supraventricular tachycardia)
Consultations Closed at the moment for more information please call (679) 999 1268 / 992 4917 / 330 3404