Cath Lab Innova IGS 530


We all know that Heart disease, (be it sudden Heart attacks or Heart Failure) requires immediate , expert attention as every minute that your heart is cut off from blood supply, parts of it are dying or  being permanently damaged . It is a situation where speed, precision and split second decisions during procedures can make all the difference.

With the installation of the world class Cath Lab Innova IGS 530, MIOT Pacific gives you the best chance to save a precious heart with Interventional cardiology at affordable costs . This state of the art Cath Lab system from GE Healthcare provides our specially trained Interventional cardiologists with advanced tools & real time information to treat patients with 100% accuracy and minimum delays as soon as they are diagnosed.

Its 3D all the way

As compared to open heart surgery, patients who go in for Interventional cardiology undoubtedly have a better chance of recovery, heal faster, have shorter hospital stays and need lesser medication. However the procedures are more intricate. The Innova IGS 530 with its special Angiography Flat Panel Digital Detector provides the best 3D views and images in real time in the industry today. These 360 degree views in 3D serves as a live roadmap to our Specialists during these intricate procedures. They confidently navigate complicated blood vessels, open blocks, repair valves and damaged muscle in difficult to reach areas.

Weight no bar

When patients are overweight or obese, image clarity suffers during procedures on other systems. They are forced to have re-dos, need increased medication and invariably get into cost over runs. The PC Assist feature in Innova IGS 530, enhances visibility to provide clear 3D images with the same dose, even in large bodied patients.

Right Stent Choice

Clarity becomes critical yet again during a cardiac procedure, in the choice of a stent and its accurate placement. The StentViz feature in the Innova IGS 530 ensures specialists get the stent and its placement 100 % right, the very first time, so that patients have good long term results after a successful procedure.

Specialists In Control

Designed to be flexible and easily adjustable the Innova IGS 530 allows Specialist to choose the most effective positions for their procedures. This is specially helpful while making a fast entry through the patient’s wrist (Radial artery) which drastically reduces preparation and treatment time for patients.

Whether you come in as an emergency case or with any other problem related to the Heart, our skilled Specialists who are available full time will ensure that you have the best possible chance for a speedy & effective recovery with the Innova IGS 530.