medicalFamily Medicine
  • Primary care centered on individuals and families.
  • We provide acute illness care, chronic illness care, and preventive care.
Corporate Health
  • Aimed at assisting employers foster a healthy work environment.
  • Involves health assessments tailored to suit a company’s specific needs.
Immigration medicals
  • UK and numerous other regional immigration medical assessments.
  • All examination and diagnostic capabilities under on site.
  • Competitive pricing along with swift processing times.
Emergency Services (including minor trauma)
  • Provision of primary assessment for emergencies.
  • Point of referral for specialist evaluation and care.
  • Point of referral to tertiary level care centers in Fiji.
Travel Health
  • Counseling and advice on common travel health issues.
  • Vaccinations for common travel associated infections.
Work Place Health
  • Acute care and evaluation of work related injuries.
  • Evaluation of permanent impairment associated with work place injuries.