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MIOT Pacific Hospital has successfully conducted over 400 scans with the country’s 1st 4D High Definition CT scanner.

29th Nov 2017

We all know that heart disease creeps up on us but when it strikes us – it happens suddenly and swiftly.

The question everyone us have in mind is:

  • Can we predict when?
  • Can we find out if we are at risk?
  • Is there a non-invasive and quick way to help us know if we need to take prevention action?

Can we predict when?

Most of the time, heart disease strikes without warning, ruining your best laid plans. You may know of others who share similar lifestyles and have been struck by the disease. But strangely, you have not considered yourself vulnerable- as yet!

Heart disease does not discriminate against sex, gender or size – it can affect anyone. Despite its increasing incidence, we remain woefully ignorant about it. Most of us assume that heart disease is a Heart Attack. However, it can affect every part of the heart: the coronary arteries, valves, electrical circuits and muscle – and cause permanent damage.

The silver lining is that most heart conditions develop over several years. So it can be detected and prevented or corrected at an early stage. But all the specialists and technology in the world are no good – unless you take that first step to get the complete picture.

Can we find out if we are at risk?

There are approximately 60 different types of heart diseases. Some of these diseases have causes that can be modified (mostly lifestyle related) while others are caused by unmodifiable factors (genetic causes).

Here are some of the major factors,

  • High Stress
  • Smoking
  • High Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Physical inactivity
  • Being Overweight or Obese
  • Diabetes
  • Family history of heart disease or sudden unexplained death

Quick and Non-Invasive Preventive Action

Today Medical advances through Interventional Cardiology allows for DETECTION, PREVENTION & CORRECTION of all Heart Diseases before permanent damage sets in – provided they are done at the RIGHT centre.

The first step towards DETECTION matters the most.

Press Clip Let us take the case of Mr. Mitesh Kumar, 32yr old male from Fiji. He has high Blood Pressure and a family history of diabetes. He was worried if he was at risk for heart disease.

Mr. Mitesh Kumar drove into MIOT Pacific Hospitals one morning. It cost him just 120 minutes and FJD 500, later he drove back home with a big smile on his face. MIOT Pacific Hospitals had given him peace of mind. His heart was strong, healthy and free of any blockages.

What happened at MIOT Pacific Hospitals?

We offered him the 750 HD Heart CT Coronary Angiogram at MIOT Pacific Hospitals. It shows all your blood vessels, gives a predictive calcium score and tells your doctor if there is any problem and gives you confidence that your heart is healthy. Unlkike normal angiogram it is less invasive. You can drive in for test and drive out

Mr. Mitesh kumar is the 1st Fijian in the country to ever have a CT Coronory Angiogram.


Your wait for a cardiac scan that is fast, accurate, complete and economical finally comes to an end with the world’s first & fastest 4D Hi Definition CT scanner “Revolution 750HD CT Scan” at MIOT Pacific Hospitals.

  • It has a Scanning speed that’s 100 times fasterthan any current scanning system.
  • Visibility has increased by 47%.Even the smallest abnormalities in dark areas gets picked up.
  • Delivers 256 slices of every 40 millimetres scanned as high definition images in 0.35 sec sec.
  • Overall imaging quality: 5 times better.
  • It has a Special Snap Shot Freeze feature which ‘freezes and scans’ the heart in a single beat.
  • There is an 82% reduction in exposure and medication for the patient.

That makes it the safest choice in cardiac scanning today!!!!

Don’t wait for your heart to stop. Take the first step and prevent a heart attack before it happens: Non-invasively at MIOT Pacific Hospitals.

It’s simple, safe and affordable.

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