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Specialist Availability - Orthopaedic Surgeon

09th May 2018

Dr. Umesh Kumar Singh

MBBS, DNB (Orthopaedics),
Orthopaedic & Trauma surgeon
MIOT International, India

If it Hurts Let’s Fix it Together

One careless step, a momentary distraction, a split second decision that goes wrong, or just plain bad luck! The incident may have been a vehicle accident, a sports injury or a harmless walk down the road, leaving you with a dysfunctional, disfigured or partly destroyed limb. It limits a bright future and makes every day unbearable. But this does not have to happen anymore.

Today with advanced Trauma & Reconstructive surgery you can avoid or minimize scars while limbs can be saved or restored to near original status so that there are no movement difficulties nor drastic changes in appearance. With skilled, trained and experienced Specialists, this restoration is possible for patients who have just been brought into Emergency or for those who have lived with the trauma for several years.

MIOT Pacific Hospitals is happy to bring renowned Trauma & Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Umesh Kumar Singh from MIOT International India who brings to Fiji his vast clinical and investigative experience, expert surgical skills and a personalised approach.

Dr. Umesh Kumar Singh has hands on years of experience in handling complex Trauma & Arthroplasty surgeries including Emergency OT, Trauma OT, Arthroplasty OT, Spine OT and Arthroscopy OT. His casualty experience includes procedures like intubation, central line insertion, ICD  insertion, application of skin & skeletal traction, plaster application, reduction of dislocation, splint application, joint aspiration.

MIOT International is a Level-1 trauma centre which performs over 4,500 trauma surgeries a year. The commonly handled traumas in this unit include: Closed and open – long bone fractures, articular fractures, pelvic-acetabular fractures, multiple injured and poly-trauma patients with multi-system injuries.

Don’t let Joint Pain Rule your life, meet our orthopaedic specialist now.

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