Medical Evacuation

banner_1MIOT Pacific Hospitals accepts evacuation cases from other local hospitals, regional hospitals like Tuvalu and Kiribati and international hospitals for continuous or follow up care for patients who may have gone overseas for treatment. These are mainly hospitals in India, Australia and New Zealand.

Local evacuated patients are either transported by ambulance, boat or air. All referrals are discussed with the Specialist concerned before the transfer to determine the severity of the case and to decide if MIOT Pacific Hospitals is capable of taking care of the patient’s clinical requirements. If MIOT Pacific Hospitals is unable to meet the requirements e.g. Neurological cases then they will be directed to the nearest public hospital which is equipped for intensive care or advanced tertiary medical care. This is carried out to ensure that valuable time is not lost with unnecessary delays and that immediate appropriate medical intervention is provided.

If the case is accepted to be treated at MIOT Pacific Hospitals and a GP is required to transport the patient through, this is usually organised. If an outside GP is able to accompany the patient – then this will save a MIOT Pacific Hospitals GP from traveling – in the meantime the MIOT Pacific Hospitals clinical team including the Specialist is usually on standby.

Evacuation abroad or further care for severe and unstable patients require an evacuation team to take the patient across in an air ambulance. In these cases the team and the treating physician continuously discuss the patient’s condition and treatment until the evacuation team take over. This is common with tourists – most tourists have medical insurance so the Customer Service team at MIOT Pacific Hospitals usually assist with the co-ordination of evacuation.

If the patient is stable and require a medical escort, then arrangements for a medical escort is organised however, this would depend on the availability of GP if he/she is able to travel on a short notice with a valid Visa.