paedMIOT Pacific Hospitals admits pediatric cases below the age of fifteen if the issue is minor. However, children under the age of 5 may not always be admitted if there is any complication and severity to their illness. The public hospital has a pediatric ward with adequate facilities to deal with complications – for e.g. the need for ventilation if the child develops respiratory distress. Even though MIOT Pacific Hospitals carries out deliveries at the birthing unit, all newborns without complication are kept with their mothers and sick babies who need medical attention or intervention are normally sent to the pediatric ward at the public hospital.

Any cases that may be sent to MIOT Pacific Hospitals from a private GP are first assessed at the Medical Center by a GP – all our pediatric assessments have a pediatric specialist oversight – it is the specialist that determines whether the child is either admitted at MIOT Pacific Hospitals or transferred to the public hospital. At MIOT Pacific Hospitals, the child is looked after under the accepting pediatrician specialist, he/she will be reviewed daily by the concerned specialist until discharge – a follow-up is usually conducted after discharge to ensure the child has recovered fully.

If a child is required to be transferred from MIOT Pacific Hospitals to usually the public hospital, the treating physician will discuss with accepting hospital’s specialist on the diagnosis and current treatment and prognosis. Once the patient has been accepted by the accepting hospital specialist then the transfer process begins. Transfer is usually done via ambulance accompanied by a nurse – in serious cases a GP will also accompany the team.

There are currently two pediatricians available as Independent Practitioners (IPs) who look after all pediatric admissions and pediatric cases and follow ups conducted at MIOT Pacific Hospitals.